Cyert Hall Water Main Break

Update 10:20p EST
All critical services remain operational. A few research clusters have been shutdown to protect against failures. Owners will be contacted individually.

Restoration crews, IT Services staff, and Computing Services staff have swept up most of the water. Damage risk is now reduced to incidental water exposure from cleanup efforts. Insurance adjusters will be assessing damages for the next few days.

As the restoration process moves forward, staged outages may still be scheduled. More information will be shared as it becomes available.
Update 9:10p EST
IT Services staff have been onsite since 7:30p. Restoration crews and other facilities maintainers are onsite assessing damages now. The water lines have been shutoff. Approx. 4in – 6in of water has flooded the 1st floor, one floor above ITS data center operations. Servers have been protected but may need to be selectively shutdown. Stand by for more information.

Date(s): Friday, November 25, 2016
Time(s): 7:00 EST – ongoing

** Outage Description

A major water main break has been reported that is affecting Cyert Hall where the University’s primary computing operations are housed. IT Services also houses operations in Cyert Hall. Outages for all critical services may occur. More information will be shared as the first reports are relayed back to management.

** Affected Services

No outages have occurred yet. However, every major computing service could be disrupted including,
- Email
- Networking
- Voice phones
- Business systems (Oracle, SIS, etc.)

Independent services housed in other buildings would not be susceptible to failure.

** Recommended Actions

IT Services uses a Twitter account to communicate updates for critical computing situations. Please standby for further information and follow on Twitter

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