Notifications and News

IT Services offers several ways to ways for customers to receive alerts and stay informed. Each notification service is opt-in so customers remain in control of the communications volume.

Mailing Lists

Three Andrew mailing lists are offered that include messages from the parent list.

    • ECE-ITS-AlertsUnscheduled outages and time-sensitive information. Does not include messages from any other list.
    • ECE-ITS-MaintScheduled outages, service changes, and other technical updates. Includes ECE-ITS-Alerts messages.
    • ECE-ITS-NewsGeneral news and information. Includes ECE-ITS-Alerts and ECE-ITS-Maint messages.

Text Notifications (SMS)

IT Services has partnered with Environmental Health and Safety to offer emergency text notifications via the same system that delivers CMU Alerts. Text notifications are opt-in and do not overlap with University CMU Alerts. Messages sent by ECE IT Services will be clearly labeled.

ECE ITS SMS Test Message

E2Campus test message from ECE IT Services

Please visit the EH&S login page for CMU Alerts and subscribe to the list named “ECE IT Services_Alerts”. Full instructions can be viewed in the document



ECE IT Services offers a Twitter account for alerts similar to the ECE-ITS-Alerts mailing list.  Tweets should be infrequent and will contain a link to more information. If other communications channels fail, this method will be used to send brief updates and further instructions.


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