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ECE Department – Student Account Reactivation

Requests from ECE alumni to reactivate a University account must be reviewed by Department management. Eligibility will be determined by registrar account standing and compliance with federal and state regulations. Requests are reviewed within 3 weeks.

If a request is granted, email and files must be migrated within 48 hours. Alumni are encouraged to move to an alumni account. Alumni accounts are provided in perpetuity and free of charge. Tools to assist with the transition can be found here.

Reactivation requests must be sent to <- click mailto link.

The following information is required

Subject: University account reactivation – [Full Name], [CMU ID]

Full Name:
Contact Phone:
Graduation Month/Year:
Degree Conferred:
Current Employer:
Employer Contact:
Prior faculty collaborators:

Reason for reactivation:

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