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Roberts Hall Network Update

On May 20, 2015 starting at 7am Eastern Standard Time, ECE Information and Technology Services in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University Computing Services will move ECE wired network outlets to a new wired network. The new network will support Carnegie Mellon University’s Network Registration system . This change will not affect computers that use CMU’s wireless network.

We are doing this to offer easier, faster, more flexible machine registrations.

The move will be done in a way that should be seamless for most customers but the following changes will occur:

The primary name of existing wired registrations will change from an Address Record (A record) to a Canonical Name Record (CNAME ).

A computer on the wired network may be contacted with its old name as well as its new NetReg name.

The IP address of each computer will change.Customers who are statically assigning IP addresses should change to using dynamic address assignment with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)  before the transition.

Members of the ITS support team will be on site to assist during the transition.

Customers who experience any network connectivity issues should restart the affected system. If connection issues persist, please contact us.

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