ECE Keys and Card Access

The ECE Admissions Office is responsible for handling key and swipe card access. For all access requests, except undergraduate lab access, please send e-mail to:

Each request should contain the following information:
• Your full name
• Your affiliation with the ECE Department (grad student, visiting researcher, Post Doc, faculty, staff, etc.)
• The space (room number, or wing/area) to which you would like access.
• Please include your CMU ID Card number. This is the 9 digit number located at the bottom of the card and begins with either an “81” or “82”.

Students: Please copy your advisor (or the person who oversees the space) on your e-mail. The Admissions Office will then wait for confirmation from that person that you are allowed to access the space before filling the request.

Once the request(s) have been reviewed/approved, you will receive an e-mail:

  • If you requested a key, the Admissions Office will let you know when/where the key is ready for pick up.
  • If you requested swipe card access, the Admissions Office will let you know when your CMU ID/swipe card has been updated with your new access privileges.