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ECE Zoom Workshop Presentation

CMU Computing Services recently announced a licensing agreement with Zoom, the primary competitor to Bluejeans in the education market. As a result, ECE ITS will not renew the agreement with Bluejeans which expires on June 1, 2019. Zoom is available to the entire University community at no cost for individual use. This represents a significant cost savings for business units and the University.

Bluejeans will continue to function normally until June 1, 2019. At that time, account logins will be locked out. Organizations that prefer to continue using Bluejeans may do so by purchasing individual licenses directly from Bluejeans. Please be aware that individual licenses are different than the enterprise license hosted by ECE ITS. They will not work with your University login. Full pricing and feature information can be viewed at the Bluejeans site.

ECE ITS has enjoyed providing a valuable service to the University community. This transition ends our relationship in that regard. With Zoom as the preferred University videoconferencing solution, CMU Computing Services is now the full steward of videoconferencing services at CMU and will answer any questions you may have about it.

For information about Zoom, please contact CMU Computing Services.

If you are an ECE staff or faculty member, you may contact ECE AV/DC for additional support. A dedicated email address and phone number can be found on our general contact page.


Q: I want to learn more about the differences between Zoom and Bluejeans. Where can I find more information?

A: Zoom and Bluejeans are equal in basic functionality. For everything Bluejeans was used for at CMU, there is a Zoom equivalent. CMU Computing Services provides a comparison chart for the known solutions on campus. There are many ways to compare products (e.g. by marketshare, satisfaction, features, support, platform availability). A full comparison cannot be summarized here. It may be useful to search for the terms “Zoom vs Bluejeans“.

Q: I have recordings stored within Bluejeans. How can I export them?

A: Simply download the recording using the account that moderated the recorded meeting. Bluejeans has excellent guides to demonstrate the process.

Q: My organization coordinates all Bluejeans meetings through a small number of staff members. Will we need to continue this practice?

A: No. Now that all CMU community members can use Zoom, they are free to schedule meetings at will. If executive or faculty assistants wish to continue scheduling meetings on behalf of people in their charge, Zoom scheduling privileges can be delegated to them. See more information at the Zoom instruction page.


Further information and documentation from ITS AV can be downloaded by clicking the following:

ECE Zoom Workshop Presentation

How to schedule a meeting in Zoom

Zoom Scheduling Delegation

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