ITS Notification: Sending e-mail from off campus will require authentication

Subject: E-mail configuration change
When: Tuesday, May 22nd 2012
What: Sending e-mail requires authentication
Action: Some customers may need to reconfigure mail clients

Outbound e-mail will require authentication.

Technical Details:
Dynamic relay control (DRAC) will be disabled on our outbound mail servers.
As a result, all mail sent through our mail servers must be authenticated.

What this means for customers:
Customers who travel or use mobile devices off-campus may be affected.
We strongly recommend that client configurations be verified before using
e-mail clients off-campus. This change will not affect any e-mail sent
while on-campus or through the Andrew VPN. If an affected configuration is
discovered while off-campus, please use the Andrew VPN until assistance can
be provided.

Client Configuration:

Outbound (SMTP) server should be set to: port: 465
Your inbound (IMAP) server should be set to: port: 993

Customers should use their ECE account for both outbound (SMTP) and inbound
(IMAP) authentication.

Detailed configuration information for specific e-mail clients can be found
in our userguide:

Why this is being done:
This will provide better email security, limit spam, and help insure that
users can send email from mobile device through (non-CMU) ISPs when they are

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, we are here to help.
You may contact us via email, or by stopping by HH A-210:

Thank you,
Information Technology Services

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