Office Relocation Support

ITS is available to handle and manage the computing aspects of office relocations for supported customers with appropriate advanced notice and in coordination with facilities staff.  Please use the ITS contact information in this guide to submit a request. Aspects of computing system relocation covered by ITS include:

  • Preparing computing systems for relocation
  • Preparing new locations to receive computing systems
  • Moving assistance under specific circumstances
  • Reconnecting computing systems in the new location
  • Verifying computing system operation in the new location

Please see the detailed description of services for each of these relocation aspects below.

Advanced notice is required.  If newly acquired or renovated space is involved, ITS must be contacted 2 or more weeks in advance of the planned office move.  This allows for a space assessment and time to request network provisioning from Computing Services.  If the space involved has not been renovated or recently acquired, 1 week of advanced notice is adequate.  In all cases, ITS requires time to adjust staffing levels so that customer operations can continue while relocations are in progress.

Preparing Computing Systems

ITS will disconnect computing system components on the previous business day or the day of a planned relocation, whichever is preferred.  Computing systems will be gathered and placed in a common area of the office being vacated.

Preparing a New Location

ITS will visit the office to which a computer system is being relocated to assess the environment.  At this time, ITS will determine if network outlets must be activated or reconfigured to receive the new computing equipment.  Other areas of assessment will include power, network and peripheral cabling, and air flow.  If additional equipment is needed to accommodate computer systems in the new location, ITS will notify the customer.  In the event that items must be purchased, customers are responsible for supplying an Oracle String to procure the items.

Moving Assistance

When office relocations occur in Hamerschlag Hall, ITS can move the computing systems.  For cross-building relocations, as well as relocations involving a large number of staff, utilizing professional movers is required.  For small or nearby relocations, ITS will move the computing equipment.

Reconnecting Computing Systems

After the affected computing systems arrive in the new location, ITS will reconnect devices in the same configuration as they were previously unless the customer requests a change.

Verifying Operation

Before closing a relocation request, ITS will verify the proper operation of computing systems in the new location.  Customers are encouraged to contact ITS if any problems arise.