MS Exchange

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft ExchangeMicrosoft® Exchange
Microsoft Exchange is a collaborative messaging system hosted on-site by CMU Computing Services. It offers calendaring, contact, task, and email tools with a focus on business operations and integration with other Microsoft product offerings. It offers industry-standard mobile device support. Microsoft Exchange is the University’s calendar-of-record.

Since Microsoft Exchange is hosted by CMU in University datacenters, CMU Computing Services staff have direct control over the environment.

This flexibility enables community members to benefit from:
• Onsite issue resolution
• Increased dedicated mail storage capacity
• Full university directory search
• Longer email retention periods
• Full regulatory compliance
• Greater integration with other University services

When paired with Microsoft Outlook clients, Exchange features include
• Robust scheduling options with awareness of recipient status
• Self-service item recovery
• University resource reservation system


Microsoft Exchange has the potential to enhance business operations across the board when fully implemented with other Microsoft products. CMU Computing Services has not implemented all available features at this time. This fact still leaves a substantial product offering in place.

• Customer email domains are maintained
• 10GB of storage for main mailbox storage
• 20GB each within additional online archive mailboxes
• Exchange ActiveSync industry-standard mobile device support
• Integration with all Microsoft Office products


• Non-Microsoft clients may not benefit from all available features
• Collaboration outside of the Exchange organization may require additional effort or modifications
• IMAP support is not implemented by CMU Computing Services

Where can I find more information?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my favorite email client work with Exchange?

In some cases, no.

CMU Computing Services lists the supported mail clients for Exchange in the following link:

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