Proxy Web Services

Machines on the private networks occasionally need to access the public internet. ITS provides Squid-based caching web proxy servers for http/https and ftp traffic. In order to access the public internet through our proxy servers, configure your browser to utilize it.

General Settings

Auto-configuration URL:
Proxy hostname:
Proxy port: 3128


Windows Network Proxy Settings (Global across applications)

IE->Tools->Internet Options->Connections->Lan Settings
Check “Use proxy server for your lan”
Enter “” as the server, and the server port as “3128

Internet Explorer (Auto-configuration)

IE->Tools->Internet Options->Connections->Lan Settings
Check “Use automatic configuration script”
Auto-configuration URL:


Firefox->Tools->Options->General->Connection Settings
Auto-configuration URL:


You setup most applications on Linux/Solaris the same as you do on windows (for Firefox/Mozilla/Opera).

Chrome, lynx, elinks, wget, curl and several others will require the environmental variables to be set.  For more information about saving these to your login profile, see our article about shell environments.

Firefox (Auto-configuration)

Firefox->Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Connection Settings

Auto-configuration URL:

Firefox (Manually)

Firefox->Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Connection Settings
For the HTTP and HTTPS proxy server enter “” port “3128

Setting the Environmental Variables

Most programs on Linux/Unix will check for these variables and use the settings from them.  If your application has it’s own proxy settings, those settings will override the environmental variables.


export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=
export ftp_proxy=


setenv http_proxy
setenv https_proxy
setenv ftp_proxy

Mac OS X

Network Settings (Global Settings)

Automatic Proxy Configuration, and enter this url


Firefox -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network settings.
For the HTTP,HTTPS and FTP proxy servers enter “” as the server host, and for the server port it is “3128

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