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Sourcelink Lite Accounts
Cadence Design Systems now has a Sourcelink Lite version available for the University Software Program. A Sourcelink Lite account will allow the user to perform searches within the Sourcelink database for product information and solutions. They will have access to the Resource Libraries and they will be able to subscribe to Sourcelink email notifications if they choose. However they will NOT have access to create or view service requests, software updates or Sourcelink feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

The following conditions must be met in order to receive a sourcelink lite account.

  • To obtain a reference key please email
  • The liaisons are responsible for giving this reference key out
  • Only university staff, faculty and students may use this Reference Key
  • Anyone using this Reference Key must signup using a university domain email address
  • Users can sign up at and follow the “Register Now” link.

Cadence organizes software applications as Products, and delivers a collection of versions of Products together in a Software Release. A Software Release is a specific Platform (Solaris 7) of a Release (IC 5.0).

Release (check installation directory for specific Release Level)
adw ambit assura
cd confrml dsm-dp
dsm-se dsm-se edi
et et ets
ext finale GoldenGate
ic icc ifv
incisiv ius ldv
mmsim mvs neocircuit
oa psd soc
spb spr spw
tda testbench tsi
usim vcc
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