Email Configuration

Steps to get working with ECE email services.

  • Start
    • Click Preferences
    • Click Accounts tab
      • click the + in the lower left corner to add a new account
    • Fill out the initial fields
      • Full Name:
      • Email Address: Your full, remembering that it is case sensitive.
      • Password: Your ECE password, remembering that it is case sensitive.
      • Click Continue in the lower right
      • Under Incoming Mail Server
        • Server:
        • Description This field allows you to describe the account, and if you add other accounts this will help to separate them. We recommend to name this ECE.CMU.
        • Account Type The recommended type is IMAP, which will leave messages on the server. If you so wish, POP will pull messages off the server.
        • Username Your ECE username, (the portion, not the full email) case sensitive.
        • Password Your ECE password, case sensitive.
        • Click continue.
      • Outgoing Mail Server
        • Server:
      • Account Information
        • Click the Advanced tab
      • Under the IMAP port section
        • Set the port to 993
        • Click the Use SSL box
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