Software on unixlike systems

ECE provides a number of unixlike systems that are available to various sections of the ECE community. Mostly these are based on the OpenSuSE distribution of linux although there are some Solaris machines as well.

Each of these machines has access to a wide range of open source and commercial software packages.

If you do not immediately find the software package (or version of a package) that you need, please examine your PATH environment variable, it controls where on the filesystem your shell will search for executable binaries. More on controlling your shell environment.

The two most important locations are:

  • /usr/local/bin which will contain packages managed by ECE
  • /usr/bin which will contain packages provided by the distribution itself, probably OpenSuSE.

If you still do not find what you want, you have a couple of options:

  • Ask for assistance from If your desired package/version is likely to be useful to the wider ECE community, it is likely that ECE Computing Facilities will find a way to work with you to get what you need installed around the environment.
  • Build it yourself, installing it into your home directory.
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