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Export/NDA Controlled Access

Export Controlled Area

ECE is one of the first departments to offer students and faculty access to an on-campus area that allows them to work on Export Controlled research. By using strict access controls and creating a private, segregated network and supporting infrastructure, export controlled information can be housed and accessed in HH2102.

In order to utilize the space faculty need to work with the CMU Office of Sponsored Programs and ITS to ensure that any research housed in the area is at the approved security level, EAR or ITAR, or below.

After determining that research is appropriate for that area, any faculty, students, or staff requiring access to the research must meet requirements as: 1) set forth by the Office of Sponsored Programs and 2) undergo a training session covering the appropriate procedures for access, and handling, of controlled research materials prior to being granted access.

If your research requires access to this space please contact help@ece.cmu.edu for assistance.

NDA Controlled Access

For research that falls under more strict Nondisclosure rules than the typical, ECE offers a less restrictive area in HH2102 that can house that research.   Access to the area is restricted, but users are not required to have additional training to access this space.

For additional information please contact help@ece.cmu.edu for assistance.

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