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MySQL Database Hosting

ECE Computing Facilities runs a replicated cluster of MySQL servers (mysql.campus.ece.cmu.local). It is only accessible from on-campus IP addresses, since it is in a private IP netblock.  If you need to access it from elsewhere, you will need to access it through a campus IP address first, either through an SSH tunnel or the VPN.

If a member of the ECE community or an ECE project group wants to have a database hosted, there are some points to bear in mind

  • This is a shared resource: do not perform any activity that impacts the other users.
  • In formulating your request, please have some idea of your projected usage; for example, at least number of reads/writes per second, number of tables and total database size.
  • Please let us know, especially, if you are building automated tools that will read or write to the database on a regular and frequent basis.
  • The server cluster is both replicated and backed up; but at the very least, you should keep a copy of your schema. Backup is not a substitute for version control.

If you want a MySQL database hosted, please ask.

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