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Secure File Transfer

ITS supports secure file transfer via either sftp/scp or kerberized FTP. FTP that transmits your password in clear text has been disabled.

Files may be transferred to ECE AFS areas by connecting to one of the remote access clusters.


Two commonly used sftp/scp utilities are the CMU licensed Tectia SSH Client and PuTTY: A Free Telnet/SSH Client.

Many common software packages, such as Adobe Dreamweaver now support sftp in addition to other upload tools.

As noted in the information about <a “/?p=1006”>shells, users need to be careful about what the contents of their .bashrc because if any output is generated it will cause sftp sessions to fail.

NOTE: If sshkeys are used for authentication then kerberos tickets will not be receive at the time of login and it is very likely that access to write to any AFS space will not be granted. Read access for downloads will be determined by the owner of the space.

kerberized ftp

Customers who have kerberos available on their client machine and can obtain a valid ECE ticket can use that ticket to authenticate for a secure ftp session, provide that their client supports this method.

Connecting to ECE sftp file servers

All ECE accounts are permitted to connect to a base number of cluster computers.  Please visit the clusters page for hostnames and general information.

ECE Clusters

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