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Install AFS on Windows

Instructions to install MIT Kerberos for Windows 3.2.2 and OpenAFS for Windows



Unzip this package to a temporary directory and run Deploy-Application.exe . Accept all prompts.

Run Network ID Manager “as administrator” (right-click on shortcut and select “run as administrator”).

In the General Options section, check the “Obtain New Credentials at Start” checkbox.

In the Options – Identity – User Identity section, select the default realm GRAND.CENTRAL.CMU.EDU, click DELETE and then click APPLY.

Set the desired cell and realm. For example, for access to ECE AFS enter the following (case sensitive).

cell: ece.cmu.edu

realm: ECE.CMU.EDU

Click Add/Update and then click Apply. Click OK.


Install in this order.

MIT Kerberos for Windows 3.2.2 32-bit

OpenAFS 32-bit

Network ID Manager 32-bit

Additional files


hkcu-mit.reg (can be imported or merged)


Kerberos Realm and AFS Cell pairing

Each realm into which you login will have an identity in Kerberos

for Windows NetID Manager.   Each identity has a kerberos

realm and AFS cell pairing. Kerberos realms should be in All Caps.

AFS cells are case-insensitive. For example,

kerberos realm: ECE.CMU.EDU

afs cell: ece.cmu.edu

Microsoft Windows Options for Network Identity Manager

For GOECE Windows Domain Member computers:

The Kerberos v5 Configuration options within the Network Identity

Manager Configuration options should be set to Import:Never with

regard to importation of Microsoft Windows Domain Kerberos


The Kerberos v5 Credential Caches within the Kerberos v5

Configuration options should be set to not Include Windows LSA cache


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