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ITS Service Offerings

Services Typical Default Comments
Accounts Accounts are provided for all ECE faculty, staff, PhD, masters and undergraduates.

  1. Non-CMU courtesy guest accounts may be sponsored by the Department or by ECE faculty.
  2. CMU non-ECE faculty and researchers who would like an ECE account are typically charged a “share.” The FY13 share cost is $1368.
All ITS provided accounts include access to Windows or SUSE Linux.
Backup Shared Storage – All file storage provided via AFS, DFS, Netapp (NFS, CIFS) is backed up.

ITS-Managed Hosts – Back up is provided of user space: Windows (C:\users, Win 7), Linux (/home), Mac OS X (\Users).

Self-Managed Hosts
ITS does NOT back up self-managed machines. Users who manage their own hosts may use Shared Storage as a backup for their user space and critical files, or backup their own host.

Shared Storage is not intended for full host disk images of PCs or virtual machines. ITS provides backup of user space and critical files (copied to user space), but not the entire OS.
Computer Clusters Public – (ECEXXX machines, color machines). Uses shared storage, temp storage.

Private Faculty or research group owned. Hardware that meets ITS specifications.
Monitored, but hosts typically do not require an immediate response. Use shared storage. Some have local storage funded by faculty. Typically allows for Condor backfilling.

Lab Linux clusters. Everyone uses shared storage. Temporary space available and not backed up). A single lab machine does not typically require an immediate response. Monitored.

ITS does not provide machine room space for self-managed hosts.
Disk Storage For all users, the default quota for a new account starts at 1 GB.

For Undergraduates, up to 4 GB can be requested. (Average usage is 300 MB/Ugrad.)

For Master degree students, up to 4 GB can be requested.

For PhD students, requests up to 8 GB are usually considered.

Project/ Large data set space – starts at 1 GB, up to 4 GB.

Web site – starts at 1 GB, up to 4 GB.

Requests for storage beyond default amounts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
E-mail Email is provided for all ECE faculty, staff, and graduate students. Web email is included.

Undergraduates use campus email. Undergraduate ECE email is forwarded to their Andrew Computer Services account.

Mailing List Server – provided for ECE

ITS-Managed and Self-Managed Hosts All staff hosts are managed by ITS.

For faculty and PhD students, hosts can be either ITS-managed or self-managed.

For Master degree students and undergrads, personal hosts are self-managed and typically connect wirelessly to the network via Andrew Computer Services.

ITS encourages self-managed hosts where feasible for the end-user. Information and support directions are provided through the ECE User Guide.
Network ECE Faculty, PhDs, and staff
Three network devices may be connected at no additional charge (e.g., desktop, laptop, and printer). (Mobile devices connect wirelessly through Andrew Computing Services.)

ECE master’s degree students and Undergraduates – Personal hosts are typically connected wirelessly via Andrew Computing Services.

ECE Host Registration available from: https://userguide.ece.cmu.edu/services/network/

For faculty supporting multiple users, the aggregate number will also be considered. For example, PhD students typically have fewer than three hosts and if one PhD in the group has an additional host, then there would be no additional charge.

The request for connection of additional network devices is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Printing Support public and private printers. Private printers are for the most part maintained by the customer (including toner and rollers).


Security Users are responsible for securing their passwords.
Users are responsible for maintaining the latest security patches on self-maintained hosts.

University policies and procedures apply. ITS works in concert with university technical staff to provide a safe computing environment.

Software Access – ITS provides access to software packages on all monitored machines via shared storage. Will provide access via shared storage on self-monitored hosts. Self-monitored hosts can obtain software via prevailing distribution methods.

Access to installation media or images varies by packages. Access to software is provided to customers who qualify under license agreements.


Support – for EDA tools, ITS provides licensing support. ITS acts as liaison with vendors on trouble tickets. ITS performs installation/updates. Does a “best effort” on environment and localization issues. “Best effort” provided on utilizing Condor.

Installation – Installation provided via shared storage for monitored machines.

Licensing – Manage license servers. Act as liaison for license renewals. Procurement of licenses is the responsibility of the customer. License servers may also be utilized for user-managed software. ITS may manage access control list for some user-managed software.

Supported software has to meet certain criteria related to departmental business, research grants, and instruction.
Support E-mail tickets, walk-in (A-Level), phone, emergency support.
Purchasing Recommendations.
Configuration, diagnosis, installation and repair as appropriate.
ITS User Guide.
Video-Conferencing Currently, exclusively scheduled through Leona Kass.
Web Support Hosted Space
Faculty and PhD students, up to 4GB.

For Masters and Undergraduates, up to quota provided on AFS space.

Web Services are available at $100/hour. Priorities set by ITS and the ECE Department.

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