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Webserver Code Abilities

The department’s main webserver, www.ece.cmu.edu, runs a standard ┬áLAMP architecture (Linux/Apache/MariaDB/PHP) under RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Users and research centers are invited to create and maintain a web presence (Windows; OS X instructions) on the webserver. By default, your web address will be http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~<username>. If you are a research center or other large group that is in need of a custom domain name, please contact the ECE Web Team for further assistance.

PHP Restrictions

Websites that are operating within the /afs/ece.cmu.edu/usr directory structure are subject to additional limitations for security purposes. The following PHP directives have been put in place:

  • open_basedir – User websites are restricted to opening files only within the /afs/ece.cmu.edu/usr directory tree.
  • safe_mode – PHP’s so-called “safe mode” is enabled, the result being the aforelinked limitations being put into effect.

Forum software, etc.

ECE Facilities discourages the use of forum software (phpBB, Phorum, etc.). Because the webserver is a shared resource, running such software represents a security risk to yourself as well as the other individuals and organizations that use the server.

Other online collaboration tools are offered and supported on an official basis. We invite you to read more about them to determine if they will suit your needs.

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