Critical Windows 10 update for CVE-2020-0601

Email message sent to Windows System customers running Windows 10 Build 1703 on Jan 31st, 2020 …

ECE ITS identified your system %COMPUTERNAME% as running Windows 10 Build 1703. Microsoft and the NSA recently reported a security flaw for this version which could result in passwords being stolen.

ECE ITS recommends that you update %COMPUTERNAME% to a later build of Windows 10 build as soon as possible.

** Expected update time: 30-90 minutes, depending on the hardware.

• Choose a convenient time to update (end of business day)
• Save any work in progress before updating.
• Click the “Update Now” button to download and launch the update assistant.

The interactive updater tool can be downloaded from:

Assistance can be provided during normal business hours. ECE ITS contact information is included below the signature line.

ECE ITS Client Services

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