ITS Hardware Configuration Selection Criteria

ITS selects hardware configurations based on the following criteria:
Approved operating system compatibility
Advanced BIOS configuration capabilities
Deployment tools offered by the vendor (such as regularly updated device driver bundles to streamline deployment practices)
Maintainability in scale
Overall reliability and configuration consistency
Long term access (4 – 5 yrs) to configuration specific replacement parts
Vendor hardware training and repair certification programs
Access to rapid part replacement programs or local access to expert hardware support and replacement

For these reasons, we recommend business class systems from a known vendor that meets some or all of these criteria. We have an established relationship with them and have access to tools, sales contacts, direct input into CMU configurations through our participation in the CMU Computer Configuration Steering Committee.
Value priced hardware lack these amenities and hamper our ability to offer our customers a consistent, stable, maintainable computing experience. These requirements are often reflected in the initial purchase price of a computer system. The initial upfront cost is beneficial as these computer systems typically save time and money in long term maintenance and stability.

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