Updated 01/08/14 15:13 EST: ITS Unscheduled Outage – Wed. Jan 8, 2014

UPDATED: 01/08/2014 15:13 EST

All services are operating normally.

UPDATED: 01/08/2014 09:13 EST


As of 8AM this morning, FMS has restored chilled water services to the main campus and Cyert Hall.  HVAC systems will recover shortly thereafter.  IT Services is now powering up non-critical systems.  We expect non-critical services to be completely recovered by 3PM today.  If any customer equipment has suffered permanent damage, we will contact the owners directly.

The following services are now running

  • ITS central printing

These services are still recovering

  • Compute cycle servers
  • Videoconferencing


— Original Notice —

The CMU Pittsburgh Campus suffered a major power and chilled water outage this morning just after 1am. Backup generators supplied power until it was restored at 5:20AM. However, the ITS Cyert Data center still does not have cooling and the systems are in danger of heat damage. Jim McKinney is on site and is shutting down non-critical systems to get the temperature to a sustainable level. This means non-critical services will be unavailable until cooling is restored. Basic communications systems and their dependent services will be permitted to operate as long as permanent damage can be avoided. Please see the list of affected systems below. Further updates will be sent as information becomes available.

** Affected Services

Non-critical systems
– Compute cycle servers
– ITS central printing
– Videoconferencing

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