Request Submission Guidelines

When a request is submitted, please include these items at minimum.

  • A description of the device or service including the full name, serial number, or other identifying characteristics
  • Your full account ID such as your ECE or Andrew username

Delays in service may occur if incomplete requests are submitted.  Please do not submit requests under duress if possible.  Key information could be omitted as a result of frustration or stress.  IT Services will make every attempt to fill information gaps and resolve issues without the need for additional customer input.  However, certain details are critical to solving customer issues and can be obtained with greater efficiency directly from the customer.

Other helpful tips:

  • Avoid sending requests for multiple unrelated tasks in a single request.  It is likely that more than one support staff member will be contributing to complex requests.  Having discrete tasks will help avoid tickets with indecipherable histories.
  • If an e-mail message is sent, please follow proper message writing etiquette to avoid having the request flagged as spam or otherwise mishandled.
  • Reply to a request acknowledgement to ensure that a ticket’s history remains intact.
  • Avoid creating new e-mail messages for active existing requests.
  • Carbon Copy an alternate e-mail address if you need to verify delivery.
  • Submit a request using the ticket system’s Web form.
  • Please do not submit suggestions, complaints, or concerns without including actionable items.  General customer service issues should be brought to the direct attention of IT Services management.
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